Our Difference


Chuck Dewald Structural Drying Academy is a cut above the rest when it comes to drying training, consulting, and equipment rental. We offer several distinct advantages over the competition, including:

Training Classes and Consulting Services

  • We were the first hands on drying school in the world and we have been operating since 1998. It all started here!
  • We are the Only Truly unbiased and independent training facility with no ties to any equipment manufacturers or distributors. If we tell you it is the best, then you need to look at it.
  • We test and evaluate all the industry’s equipment and drying methods to distinguish between which works the best and which do not measure up to our rigorous standards. We are the Consumer Reports for the restoration industry.
  • We have all the Proof behind all of our testing for the equipment we recommend and drying methods we teach.
  • We are constantly testing and researching looking for more efficient and profitable methods for drying and ways of making the equipment better.
  • You will take the guess work out of your drying methods by gaining tremendous confidence in your abilities.

Only here will you learn about the industry’s most accurate evaporation formula (developed by Chuck Dewald III) and how to use it every day on ever loss. E3 will help you

  • Make sense out of your psychrometric logs.
  • Know if your drying strategies are working or not each day of the loss.
  • Know when and what changes need to be made to your drying strategy.
  • Determine which drying equipment technologies will work best in all conditions.
  • Calculate and determine which conditions will dry the fastest and how much faster.
  • Predict drying times.

A Wealth of Experience

  • With our long and distinguished business history, there’s virtually no drying scenario that our team of experts haven’t seen before. We’ve worked on hundreds of projects and each case had its own set of challenges.
  • When you train with us, we’ll help you cut newbie corners so you’ll know exactly what to do in your own practice when the time comes. Eliminate guesswork by learning from us and absorbing our proven methodology that’s based on real-world challenges.
  • We have been doing restoration field work for 20 years and have experienced all sizes and types of losses
  • Total Transparency and Zero Bias – We’re not affiliated with any manufacturer of drying equipment and supplies. When you sign up with us, you can expect 100% honest recommendations on what to use and how to use it.
  • Experiential Learning – Chuck Dewald Structural Drying Academy guarantees that by the time you’re done learning with us, you’ll be ready to take on the most demanding drying jobs out there. We don’t train students by simulating drying scenarios in labs: we take you on real tasks so that you can see (and feel) first-hand how pros do it.

Contact us today and find out why we are vastly preferred by insurance firms, adjusters and restoration service providers when it comes to structural drying training. Drop us a line via the form or call us 317-723-8000 up to speak to one of our staff members.

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